Hedgehog Information

Hedgehog Information

We will be providing some useful information on this page about how to recognise if a hedgehog is unwell and needs help and also how to provide food and housing for hedgehogs that come to your garden.

07 Jun 2019
Hedgehog Mission Challenges
Take on our Hedgehogs Challenges. put out footprint tunnels, make hedgehog houses, do a litter pick. The list is endless. Have fun while learning all ...

31 Mar 2019
Hedgehog Feeding Station
This guide is to show you how to make a quick and easy feeding station for you garden

Have you Found a Hedgehog - Does it Need Help?
Hedgehogs are nocturnal and hibernate and so they wouldn't normal be out during the daytime or during the winter.
If you find a hedgehog out during th ...

Hedgehogs In Your Garden
Make sure hedgehogs can easily get into and out of your garden. Fences or walls need to have a 13cm x 13cm gap at the bottom to allow hedgehogs to pas ...


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